Electronic device
Pop328 hand WanShi 1 department HKD $480.00
Pop704 arm type 1 department HKD $380.00
Pop767PLUS arm type 1 department HKD $565.00
Pop767W Pop767PLUS arm circle a HKD $130.00
Pop787 arm type 1 department HKD $780.00

Blood sugar machine products
GC set Accutrend
DB004 Accu-Chek Active 1 department HKD $2.400.00
DB004B GC set Accutrend dipstick (50 PCS) 1 box of HKD $240.00
DB004C GC set Accutrend cholesterol test (5 PCS) 1 box of HKD $150.00
3M2190 Classic II HKD $950.00
H08A Double Chestpieces HKD $500.00
H07A Single Chestpiece HKD $200.00
HM013 Single Chestpiece HKD $136.00 
Hand sanitizer machine
ET211 infrared automatic hand sanitizer machine
Infrared sensing, no contact
400 ml capacity
4 x AA batteries
Suitable for all kinds of soap use
L205 * * * * * H98mm W140
1 of HKD $488.00
With more than 20 years experience
Has the firm structure, comfortable and durable, safe and reliable, easy to carry and beautiful modelling characteristic, and has the ISO9001, CE, FDA, ISO7176, ISO7177, BG15797-2002